World Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
WAAPS has been established with the world-renowned doctors for the purpose of sharing a correct knowledge by operating a professional aesthetic surgery training program.

WAAPS Program: Conference, Workshop, Fellowship
Aesthetic plastic surgery is one of the most demanding fields of study that many doctors have an interest. To meet the demands of these global studies, WAAPS is willing to help doctors who constantly strive for constantly strive for their own improvement and progress, and also strive to share and exchange correct medical information with others.

Kairos Clinic, Lilac BLC Clinic, Mojelim Hair Surgery, Shinhwa Hospital, Theline Plastic Surgery Clinic The above are authoritative clinics accredited by WAAPS.

Valuable Experience with WAAPS
WAAPS goes together with the world’s leading instructors who have rich experience and reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery.